Crowns & Bridges Royal Palm Beach

Your smile is an important part of who you are, so when you damage a tooth or face an extraction, it’s natural to feel concerned. 

Fortunately, restoring teeth with modern, tooth-colored options is one of the things we do best here at Affordable Dental Center of Wellington. Dr. Steven Bussell enjoys the combination of artistry and science that allows patients to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dental Crown | Dentist Royal Palm Beach FL Dental Crowns – Protection and Stability

If you have ever broken a tooth, you know it can be alarming! In some cases, a tooth-colored filling can patch the area, keeping decay out and reducing sensitivity. Other times, however, a tooth needs something stronger to protect it. Dental crowns, also called caps, cover the entire tooth like a helmet and absorb the force from chewing.

Dental crowns come in a variety of materials – gold, gold and porcelain blends, and all-porcelain options that match perfectly with your smile.

The process is straightforward:

  • Evaluation – A dental x-ray and digital photos assist in diagnosis.
  • Preparing the tooth – Dr. Bussell will gently numb the tooth and remove all decay and damaged tooth structure to provide a base for your crown.
  • Temporary crown – Our team will take an impression of your tooth and create a temporary crown to protect it until we receive your final restoration.
  • Permanent crown – Once your permanent crown arrives, Dr. Bussell will bond it to your tooth and make any necessary adjustments for a comfortable bite.

Your dental crown will be strong but not indestructible. Use the same caution that you would with your natural teeth, and keep it clean to get the most out of your investment.

Smiling Couple | Fix Broken Teeth Fixed Dental Bridges

A gap left by a missing tooth leaves room for your other teeth to tilt, which can result in a misaligned bite and sensitive exposed roots. A dental bridge will fill the space between teeth and act as a placeholder, keeping your other teeth in place.

Two anchor crowns will suspend one or more artificial teeth, filling the gap in your smile. Like our dental crowns, we offer natural tooth-colored options.

Dental bridges do require some extra attention. You will need to clean the teeth around the bridge and also the gum tissue beneath it. Special commercial tools such as small brushes and floss threaders make this task easy.

Implant-Supported Bridges

When patients have multiple missing teeth, dental implants create a stable foundation for the dental bridge, allowing for more teeth to be replaced without the need for a partial denture.

The process for getting a bridge is similar to that for a crown:

  • Evaluation – Dr. Bussell will determine if enough healthy bone is present to place one or more dental implants. If needed, Dr. Bussell also provides bone grafting and sinus lift procedures to make treatment possible for a greater number of patients.
  • Surgical placement – Dr. Bussell will determine the precise location for the dental implants and surgically insert them, making sure you are completely comfortable for the entire process. 
  • Healing - Dental implants integrate with the natural bone, which is why they are so stable. This process takes about 3 to 6 months. We can provide a way to fill in your smile until your implants completely integrate.
  • Bridge placement – Your bridge will be one piece of durable porcelain. Dr. Bussell will bond it to your teeth and implants and make sure it fits perfectly.

Which Option Is Right for You?

We will explain every option for your oral health and help you make an informed decision. Contact our Royal Palm Beach dental office to arrange an evaluation with Dr. Bussell.