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Will I need to go without teeth if I get dentures?

When patients consider dentures, they often feel concerned that they will be required to go without teeth after their extractions. We don't want our patients to deal with this worry, and that's why Dr. Steven Bussell designs immediate dentures for patients to wear as they heal.

Immediate dentures will be designed before your dental extractions occur and will be available for use during the months following your extractions. Regular adjustments throughout the healing process will ensure a good fit as your tissue and bone heal.

Immediate dentures have a soft inner lining to cradle your delicate tissue as it heals. Replacing this lining at regular intervals will keep your immediate denture fit snug yet comfortable.

Benefits of immediate dentures:

  • Prevent you from having to appear in public without teeth
  • Help you adjust to changes in speech patterns immediately
  • Minimize facial distortions
  • Allow you to chew more effectively
  • Make it easier for you to grow accustomed to denture wear

Dr. Bussell will design and create final dentures once the healing process is complete.

It is important to maintain regular dental exams even if you have dentures. Dr. Bussell will monitor bone loss, examine dentures for cracks or damage, perform an oral cancer screening, and make any adjustments to your denture to eliminate sores or improve fit.

Even with meticulous care, most people will need to replace their dentures every 8 to 10 years due to changes in bone.

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