Porcelain Crowns & Bridges Royal Palm Beach

dental crowns in royal palm beach flYour smile is integral to who you are, so when you damage a tooth or face an extraction, it’s natural to feel concerned. Our Royal Palm Beach, FL dentist understands your unease.

Fortunately, restoring teeth with modern, tooth-colored options is one of the things we do best here at Affordable Dental Center of Wellington. Dr. Steven Bussell enjoys the combination of artistry and science that allows patients to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile with Royal Palm Beach crowns and bridges.

If you’re seeking tooth replacement options in Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Jupiter, and beyond—specifically tooth crowns and dental bridges—contact our office at (561) 422-1020 to schedule a dental exam.

What Are Tooth Crowns in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

A tooth crown is designed to go over an existing tooth to the gumline. It is shaped and colored to fall in line with surrounding teeth.

We custom-craft create our quality dental crowns to blend with your teeth for a natural-looking smile.

Why Do You Recommend Tooth Crowns?

Tooth crowns are versatile and used in a variety of situations:

  • Cap your tooth after root canal therapy
  • Strengthen a tooth after trauma
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Improve your smile’s aesthetics
  • Restore a dental implant

What Is the Process for Getting Dental Crowns?

woman smiling after getting crowns near wellingtonThe process for getting a dental crown is done in several steps and two visits to our Royal Palm Beach dental office:

  • Evaluation – A dental x-ray and digital photos assist in diagnosis.
  • Numb the tooth and remove decayed or damaged tooth structure.
  • Temporary crown – Take an impression to create a temporary crown to protect your tooth until we receive your final restoration.
  • Final crown – Bond the crown to your tooth and adjust it to fit your dental bite.

Your dental crown is strong but not indestructible, so use the same caution you would with your natural teeth.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

When you lose a tooth, neighboring teeth shift and tilt into the gap, often resulting in dental bite problems. A dental bridge fills the space between teeth and acts as a placeholder to prevent other teeth from drifting.

Two anchor crowns suspend one or more artificial teeth to fill in the gap in your smile. As with dental crowns, we customize the shade of your bridge to ensure that it matches the surrounding teeth perfectly.

Bridges require extra attention because you need to clean the teeth around it and ensure the gum tissue beneath them stays healthy. Special hygiene tools such as small brushes and floss threaders make this task easy.

We Look Forward to Helping You Restore Your Smile in Wellington!

We will explain every option for your oral health and help you make an informed decision about your smile restoration. At Affordable Dental Center of Wellington, we love helping our patients reach their smile goals with dental crowns and bridges.

 Contact our Royal Palm Beach dental office to arrange an evaluation with Dr. Bussell today.