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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Crowns and Bridges

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Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns in Royal Palm Beach are an excellent option for restoring a decayed, broken, or damaged tooth when a dental filling is not enough. The crown fits over your remaining healthy tooth structure to cover it entirely like a cap.

Part of getting a crown involves wearing a temporary crown for a while. We design temporary crowns to support you while you're waiting for the dental lab to handcraft your new porcelain crown. 

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While they are helpful, sometimes it's not uncommon for patients to have problems with breakdown or loss of a temporary crown. Contact your team at Affordable Dental Center of Wellington immediately if this happens. We will work you into our schedule to repair or replace your temporary crown.

Importance of Temporary Crowns

Your temporary crown protects your natural tooth and allows you to comfortably eat and chew during the interim of getting your permanent restoration. This process can typically take one to three weeks, so it's important not to try and live without your temporary crown because it could cause damage to your remaining tooth structure. 

If you have further questions about your dental crown or need help with a temporary crown, call our Royal Palm Beach dental office at (561) 422-1020.

Dental Crown | Wellington FLEach type of dental restoration has a specific purpose for repairing a tooth. When multiple options exist, Dr. Bussell will present each of them along with the benefits and limitations of each so you can make a choice that fits both your oral health needs and your budget.

The Purpose Of A Dental Filling

Dental fillings seal a tooth after removing a cavity. A dental filling keeps bacteria out of your tooth and restores the shape. Dental fillings work best for small or medium-sized fillings and for filling small chips or irregularities. Dental fillings come in numerous shades to complement your smile.

Why A Crown Is Sometimes The Only Option

In the case of deep decay that compromises the structure of your tooth, additional support from a dental crown will provide the support necessary to protect your tooth while chewing. A dental crown covers the tooth completely, like a protective helmet, and can prevent additional damage.

Other circumstances that may require a dental crown include protecting a root canal-treated tooth, rebuilding a worn bite, improving the appearance of a tooth, and repairing cracked or fractured teeth.

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