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If you are searching for a new dentist in the Royal Palm Beach area, you want to make the right choice. Having questions about the services we provide, cost of treatment, and what you can expect when you visit our dental office makes sense.

If your question is not listed here, we invite you to contact us directly and our friendly team will be happy to help.


Woman Getting A Dental X-RayDr. Bussell can identify a number of oral conditions during your comprehensive dental exam. Because enamel is covering each tooth, he cannot always detect what is happening beneath the surface. A dental x-ray will reveal more than is visible to the naked eye alone.

Why X-Rays Help

Without dental x-rays, a small cavity can spread under the enamel, deteriorating the interior of your tooth and even affecting the nerve. By monitoring your health routinely with x-rays, we can stop this progression. Since we use digital dental x-rays, our patients are receiving the safest and most accurate x-rays available today.

Digital x-rays work very much like a digital camera, delivering a high-resolution image immediately to the treatment room monitor for Dr. Bussell to review and to assist him in diagnosis.

Your Safety & Comfort Is Our Top Priority in Royal Palm Beach

Because they emit up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays, digital dental x-rays are one of the safest medical x-rays used today. You will absorb more radiation by being outside on a sunny afternoon.

We recommend dental x-rays based on the needs of our patients. We will typically take bitewings on a yearly basis and a full-mouth series every 3-5 years, depending on your dental history.

Dr. Bussell and his team strive to make high-quality dentistry accessible to all patients, including ensuring that treatment procedures fit comfortably into your budget. After all, it's in our name, Affordable Dental Center of Wellington!

Dental Financing in Royal Palm Beach

person working through dental financial paperwork

If you don't have dental insurance, there's no need to worry. Our Royal Palm Beach dental office works with financing companies to help patients with the cost of more extensive treatment plans, breaking it into affordable monthly payments.

We Work With CareCredit and Lending Point

Companies like CareCredit and Lending Club work specifically with patients who need financing for their treatment. They make it easy to apply through our office or online and provide quick decisions so you can move forward with the treatment you need for your smile as soon as possible. CareCredit even has interest-free plans for patients who qualify. 

If you're looking for excellent dental care for adults without insurance, Dr. Bussell is the affordable dentist in Wellington and Royal Palm Beach, FL, that patients trust.

Don't delay getting the dental treatment you need because of finances. Our dental team is friendly, knowledgable, and experienced at helping patients fit their dentistry into their budgets.

Affordable Dentist in Royal Palm Beach

Your dental health is too important to ignore! Contact Affordable Dental Center of Wellington at (561) 422-1020 today to schedule your next dental appointment.

Affordable Dental Center of Wellington is located at 9884 Southern Blvd. in Royal Palm Beach, FL. And our local dentist has served this community—and many nearby locales, including Wellington and West Palm Beach—for almost two decades.

We are near the intersection of State Rd., inside the Western Plaza Shopping Center, and next to the Home Depot. In our area, you’ll find plenty of places to dine and shop, including the plaza, Publix, Dick’s Sporting Goods, fast food restaurants, and Long Horn Steakhouse.

We are also close to many parks and attractions, including Tiger Shark Cove Park and Peaceful Waters Sanctuary.

Comprehensive Dental Care Near Wellington

Our dental practice offers general, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry. But we also provide advanced treatments like invisible braces and sleep apnea therapy. And we’re always here for our patients in case of a dental emergency. Additionally, we’re happy to work with CareCredit financing.

Affordable Dental Center of Wellington is approximately 20 minutes from Wellington and West Palm Beach!

For an Affordable Dentist in Royal Palm Beach, Contact Us Today

Our friendly and skilled dental team is always thrilled to welcome new patients. So if you’re looking to establish dentistry in the area, including Loxahatchee Groves, or if it’s time for your next dental checkup and teeth cleaning, give us a call today. And never hesitate to reach out if you have questions about your oral health or our dental services.

Not all procedures require anesthetic. Dr. Bussell will discuss whether you will feel more comfortable with anesthetic or if it’s possible to have your procedure without it. 

For small fillings, sealants, and bonding, anesthetic may not be required as only the enamel of the teeth require preparation. For deeper decay, crowns, implants, and extractions, we recommend that you opt to be completely numb so that you feel comfortable during your procedure.

Injections can cause minimal discomfort with the proper delivery technique. Dr. Bussell has spent years perfecting his injection technique so that patients can enjoy a pain-free experience.

Girl Covering Her Mouth | Anesthetic DentistryNumbing Process Before Dental Procedure

Topical numbing agent – Dr. Bussell will numb the tissue before he numbs your tooth. This will practically eliminate discomfort from your injection. Applying a topical anesthetic and waiting for it to take effect will dramatically improve your experience.

Slow anesthetic delivery – Delivering anesthetic slowly reduces discomfort. Since patient comfort is our top priority, Dr. Bussell will take his time, delivering the anesthetic in small doses to make the process more comfortable.

Your Comfort & Care Is Our Priority at our Wellington Dental Office

Don’t let fear or discomfort keep you from seeking the dentistry you need for a healthy smile and gums. Our team at Affordable Dental Center of Wellington will help you have a pain-free experience that is more pleasant than you might expect. Contact our Wellington dental office today to learn more!

Fear of pain is one of the most common reasons patients avoid the dentist and the necessary dental treatment they need to maintain a healthy smile. At Affordable Dental Center of Wellington, we prioritize patient comfort every step of the way and make it possible for patients who have avoided dentistry in the past to attain a healthy smile.

Woman Fearing The Dentist | Pain Free DentistryWe Ensure Your Comfort When Patients Are In The Chair

One of the many reasons that patients choose our dental office is that Dr. Steven Bussell is known for his gentle touch. He delivers injections with minimal discomfort by numbing the area before delivering anesthetic. A topical anesthetic makes the injection process possible with minimal discomfort, and Dr. Bussell allows plenty of time for the anesthetic to take effect before beginning.

He will communicate with you throughout your procedure, making sure you feel completely comfortable.

We believe that all dentistry can be a comfortable experience and will work with you to alleviate your fears and help you feel confident about the care you receive.

Don't Avoid Treatment, Our Team Will Take Care Of You

Avoiding the dentist can lead to serious dental conditions that require more extensive treatment in the future. We invite you to contact us to arrange an appointment with Dr. Steven Bussell in Royal Palm Beach, FL. We look forward to exceeding your expectations in every way and to giving you a comfortable dental experience.

General Dentistry

Dental deep cleaning in Royal Palm Beach, FL, is a way to clear debris and tartar from below the gumline.

Regular Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

A regular tooth cleaning—as part of your six-month dental checkup—allows the hygienist to clear away debris left behind by your toothbrush and floss. The stubborn plaque and bacteria require special tools for complete getting a deep cleaning in royal palm beach

We perform deep cleanings if you’ve been diagnosed with periodontitis, the advanced form of gum disease.

Periodontitis is a severe condition that can cost you your smile. It can even compromise your physical health. Gingivitis, the mild form of gum disease, is reversible; however, once it advances to periodontitis, we can only prevent it from progressing and further damaging your oral health. 

Deep teeth cleaning, also called scaling and root planing, involves using specialized instruments to work below the gum, recontour gum tissue, and smooth tooth roots to promote reattachment of gum tissue to the teeth.

We can perform deep cleanings under local anesthetic—depending on your needs, you may be a candidate for less invasive laser treatment.

For Gum Disease Treatment, Contact Your Royal Palm Beach Dentist

We provide gentle and compassionate treatment to help restore you to better oral health. To get started, give us a call today.

We serve all areas, including Loxahatchee Groves, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, and Your Neighborhood.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns in Royal Palm Beach are an excellent option for restoring a decayed, broken, or damaged tooth when a dental filling is not enough. The crown fits over your remaining healthy tooth structure to cover it entirely like a cap.

Part of getting a crown involves wearing a temporary crown for a while. We design temporary crowns to support you while you're waiting for the dental lab to handcraft your new porcelain crown. 

Contact Our Royal Palm Beach Dental Office

While they are helpful, sometimes it's not uncommon for patients to have problems with breakdown or loss of a temporary crown. Contact your team at Affordable Dental Center of Wellington immediately if this happens. We will work you into our schedule to repair or replace your temporary crown.

Importance of Temporary Crowns

Your temporary crown protects your natural tooth and allows you to comfortably eat and chew during the interim of getting your permanent restoration. This process can typically take one to three weeks, so it's important not to try and live without your temporary crown because it could cause damage to your remaining tooth structure. 

If you have further questions about your dental crown or need help with a temporary crown, call our Royal Palm Beach dental office at (561) 422-1020.

Dental Crown | Wellington FLEach type of dental restoration has a specific purpose for repairing a tooth. When multiple options exist, Dr. Bussell will present each of them along with the benefits and limitations of each so you can make a choice that fits both your oral health needs and your budget.

The Purpose Of A Dental Filling

Dental fillings seal a tooth after removing a cavity. A dental filling keeps bacteria out of your tooth and restores the shape. Dental fillings work best for small or medium-sized fillings and for filling small chips or irregularities. Dental fillings come in numerous shades to complement your smile.

Why A Crown Is Sometimes The Only Option

In the case of deep decay that compromises the structure of your tooth, additional support from a dental crown will provide the support necessary to protect your tooth while chewing. A dental crown covers the tooth completely, like a protective helmet, and can prevent additional damage.

Other circumstances that may require a dental crown include protecting a root canal-treated tooth, rebuilding a worn bite, improving the appearance of a tooth, and repairing cracked or fractured teeth.

Call Our Royal Palm Beach Dental Office Today

Contact our Royal Palm Beach dental office to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Steven Bussell. He will explain all of your treatment options and answer your questions about your oral health.


man smiling with dental mirror in front of mouthHearing that you need to have a tooth extraction can be devastating news, and we sympathize with your feelings. But we want you to know that we are here for you, starting with the stress-free removal of your tooth through to its replacement with a dental implant, bridge, or dentures.

Dental Extractions in Wellington

We know that dental extractions in the 33411 area can be anxiety-producing. You should know that Dr. Bussell is an experienced dentist who is known for his gentle touch and will provide you with the most comfortable procedure possible.

Tooth Replacement Options

After your mouth heals, the next step is to discuss which tooth replacement is right for your needs. A denture bridge or partial denture is an excellent choice if you need to replace one or a few missing teeth. Complete dentures replace all missing teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both.

Dental implants are a long-term tooth replacement option and can be used to replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth with the addition of a bridge or denture for stability.

Contact Our Royal Palm Beach Office

If you have been told you need a tooth extraction, call our Royal Palm Beach dental office. We’ll provide a gentle tooth extraction, ensure that the healing process goes smoothly, and help you choose a tooth replacement to restore your smile.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals have a poor reputation because the preceding infection can be so painful. But with today’s advancements in dental technology and modern dental procedures, you can count on a far more comfortable root canal procedure than in the past.

man smiling after root canal in royal palm beachRoot Canal Procedure in Royal Palm Beach

At Affordable Dental Center of Wellington, Dr. Bussell uses rotary endodontics to perform root canals effectively and efficiently with minimal discomfort. He will also completely numb the area before even thinking of getting started! 

Recovering from a root canal will take some time. For the first few days, you may have some residual discomfort. But with each passing day, you will start to feel more like yourself again.

How to Recover From Root Canal

Here are some tips to help you recover from root canal treatment:

  • Stick to lukewarm and soft foods for a few days
  • Avoid chewing on your root canal tooth
  • Maintain your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing
  • Take over-the-counter pain meds as needed

Once you have your permanent crown on your root canal tooth, you can eat normally and expect to get many more years out of your tooth.

We offer gentle root canal treatments in Wellington and Royal Palm Beach. Give us a call to arrange an appointment.

Diagram of root canal procedureRoot canals are, undoubtedly, one of the least understood and most feared dental treatments out there. 

If you need root canal treatment in Wellington, you probably have tons of questions about the procedure. How long does a root canal take? What happens to my tooth after treatment? Will I have dietary restrictions? 

The question we hear most often from our patients is no doubt on your mind, as well: Will my root canal be painful?

Gentle Dentistry in Wellington

The idea that root canals are painful is a common and widespread misconception. For most patients, root canals are about as painful as an ordinary tooth filling. In other words, root canals should not hurt at all, and you should only feel mild pressure throughout the treatment. 

Root Canal Procedure

If you need a root canal, it means your tooth is severely injured and at-risk for extraction. To save the tooth and prevent extraction, our Wellington dentist will perform root canal treatment on the interior of your tooth. Before we begin treatment, we will numb the area around your tooth. You shouldn’t feel any sensations, including pain. 

Throughout your root canal, Dr. Bussell will use a small dental drill and other specialized instruments to treat your infection. It’s normal to feel pressure associated with these instruments, but the pressure is the only thing you should feel. 

Once your root canal treatment is complete, you will actually be in considerably less pain than you were before your treatment began! 

Man Wondering | Root Canal DentistRoot canal treatment is an effort to save an infected tooth from an extraction. It is highly effective, and when used in conjunction with a dental crown, we can prolong the life of your tooth for years – or even decades.

In some cases, however, patients want an alternative to root canal therapy and opt for a dental extraction.

Why It Is Important To Filling In Missing Areas

Replacing a missing tooth is important because leaving a gap in your smile allows your remaining teeth to shift. This can negatively impact your bite and even expose roots, causing sensitivity and gum disease.

Dental Implants As An Option for Tooth Loss

Dental implants are a popular choice to replace missing teeth because they replace the entire tooth, including the root, and provide a stable, long-term solution that supports healthy bone and blends in with your smile.

Extractions As An Option in 33411

In the case of multiple extractions, we can replace teeth with single dental implants, dental bridges, implant-supported bridges, implant-supported dentures, or conventional partials and dentures.

We Will Do What's In Your Best Interest at our Royal Palm Beach Dental Office

Contact Affordable Dental Center of Wellington to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Steven Bussell. He will diagnose any dental conditions you have and provide you with all of your treatment options so you can make the best choice for the future of your smile

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea and wear a CPAP mask? Do you often sleep without it because you find it uncomfortable?

There may be a better way. Our Royal Palm Beach dental office offers alternate sleep apnea treatment using a simple, comfortable dental device and oral appliance therapy.

Many patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) aren’t compliant with wearing their CPAP masks. They may find it intrusive or uncomfortable or that the machine is too noisy. The result is that the CPAP machine designed to treat their sleep apnea ends up sitting unused in a closet. 

Dr. Bussell works with your sleep physician to determine if oral appliance therapy is the right approach to treat your sleep apnea. Oral appliance therapy (OAT) involves wearing a customized dental device while you sleep. 

OAT gently repositions your lower jaw slightly forward to open the airway and allow you to breathe freely. Our sleep apnea dentist uses dental impressions to customize the appliance to fit comfortably over your teeth and make it easy to wear.

Is Oral Appliance Therapy Right for You?

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us, and we will work closely with your sleep doctor to see if oral appliance therapy is safe for you.

Please call our Royal Palm Beach dental office to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Bussell to get started.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Couple Smiling | Dentures Wellington FLWhen patients consider dentures, they often feel concerned that they will be required to go without teeth after their extractions. We don't want our patients to deal with this worry, and that's why Dr. Steven Bussell designs immediate dentures for patients to wear as they heal.

Immediate dentures will be designed before your dental extractions occur and will be available for use during the months following your extractions. Regular adjustments throughout the healing process will ensure a good fit as your tissue and bone heal.

Immediate dentures have a soft inner lining to cradle your delicate tissue as it heals. Replacing this lining at regular intervals will keep your immediate denture fit snug yet comfortable.

Benefits Of Immediate Dentures - Available at our Wellington Dental Office

  • Prevent you from having to appear in public without teeth
  • Help you adjust to changes in speech patterns immediately
  • Minimize facial distortions
  • Allow you to chew more effectively
  • Make it easier for you to grow accustomed to denture wear

Maintenance for Dentures

Dr. Bussell will design and create final dentures once the healing process is complete.

It is important to maintain regular dental exams even if you have dentures. Dr. Bussell will monitor bone loss, examine dentures for cracks or damage, perform an oral cancer screening, and make any adjustments to your denture to eliminate sores or improve fit.

Even with meticulous care, most people will need to replace their dentures every 8 to 10 years due to changes in bone.

Get Your Smile Restored At Our Royal Palm Beach, FL Office

Give us a call today if you have any questions, or if you'd like to schedule a consultation with our team!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dental fillings can be made from different materials. However, for decades dentists relied on silver amalgam fillings, which contain mercury. While this has been deemed safe, many patients still prefer the alternatives, including tooth-colored fillings in Royal Palm Beach.

woman smiling in dental chairTooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Wellington

Tooth-colored fillings are aesthetically pleasing, but they treat cavities and provide a durable alternative to silver amalgam.

Tooth-colored fillings are made from a composite resin formula, which contains acrylic and ceramic, among other materials.

Your Royal Palm Beach dentist can choose a color that best matches your teeth with this option. After removing the decay, our tooth-colored filling closes the tooth to prevent further damage or reinfection. It is spread over the treated cavity in layers for best results.

You can also talk to our dentist about removing older silver fillings for the more attractive tooth-colored option. And the same material can be repurposed to conceal tooth flaws and discoloration in a dental bonding method.

Our patients have been delighted with their tooth-colored fillings, and dental bonding is an inexpensive cosmetic option for those looking for smile enhancement.

Reach Out to Your Dentist Near Me for Dental Fillings in Royal Palm Beach

If you would like more information or if you’re ready to enhance your smile, give us a call today. We are always happy to help!

Dental Emergencies

If you’re visiting us from out of town, we are happy to welcome you to Royal Palm Beach, FL.

We want you to enjoy your stay and are here for you in the event of a dental emergency. Our team would never want an emergency to ruin your vacation.

family of four vacationing on the beachDental Emergency Treatment for Out-of-Town Patients

Dental emergencies for out-of-towners may include stabilizing tooth pain so you can enjoy your time or ongoing treatment if you are in town long enough.

Emergency dental procedures may include:

  • Tooth infection treatment
  • Cavity treatment
  • Tooth trauma treatment
  • Prosthetic or restoration repair

If you have a dental emergency, we will work to see you as soon as possible so you can get back to enjoying your time.

Dental Emergencies for New Patients

If you’re new to our area and have yet to establish dentistry locally, we are happy to treat your dental emergency and invite you to become a patient in our dental office.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Royal Palm Beach, FL

If you have a dental emergency or are unsure, it is better to contact an emergency dentist for an assessment so you can continue your vacation without further interruption. So reach out today to get started.

Woman holding ice pack to jaw | Emergency Dentist Royal Palm BeachWhen you have a dental emergency like a toothache, lost dental crown, or chipped or broken tooth, you need relief, and you need it fast. The first step is to call our emergency dentist in 33411, and we will see you as soon as possible.

Emergency Care for Knocked-Out Tooth

The most critical dental emergency is a knocked-out permanent tooth. We have about two hours in which we have any hope of successfully re-implanting the tooth. Call us right away so we can give you instructions for handling the tooth and prepare for your arrival.

Severe Toothache

Some emergencies require immediate treatment at our Royal Palm Beach dental office, and these usually involve a severe toothache. Tooth pain is always a sign that something needs our attention, and in the case of severe pain, timely treatment can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

We may be able to remove the decay and repair the tooth with a filling. If the decay has advanced to the innermost part of your tooth, a root canal or even tooth extraction may be necessary.

Less Critical Dental Emergencies

Less critical situations usually involve problems like a lost filling, loose dental crown, or broken tooth. These emergencies don’t typically require immediate attention unless you are in pain. But Dr. Bussell needs to see you as soon as possible to investigate the problem and prevent further damage to the tooth.

Contact Your Royal Palm Beach Emergency Dentist

Whatever your dental emergency in 33411 is, call us right away. We’ll ask you about your symptoms to determine how urgent your situation is and schedule your appointment accordingly.

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