Dentures in Royal Palm Beach, FL

For many of us, tooth loss is, unfortunately, part of life as we grow older. 

If you are suffering from tooth loss, you understand how much even a handful of missing teeth can impact your life. Thankfully, with a little help from the latest dental technology, tooth loss no longer has to mean a soft diet or gaps in your smile. Modern dentures now make it possible to eat your favorite foods and smile confidently even in the face of tooth loss. Older couple smiling

Do you have questions about the types of dentures our Royal Palm Beach dentist offers? We are here to help you make informed decisions about your dental health care. At Affordable Dental Center of Wellington, our personal approach to dentistry means that we always give patients all of their choices for treatment and respect the decision they make. Perhaps one of the most important decisions patients face is how to replace missing teeth. 

To learn more about dentures in Royal Palm Beach, keep reading below! We have prepared this informational web page to help you educate yourself and understand your treatment options before you make any final decisions. We also want you to know that you can always call our caring front dental office team at (561) 581-0225 to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Bussell if you want to discuss your treatment options in person. You shouldn’t have to live with missing teeth, and we are excited to tell you more about the alternatives! 

Modern Dentures Are Better Than Ever

Dentures have come a long way since their initial design. Unfortunately, when many people hear the word “dentures,” they still picture antiquated and outdated dental appliances. 

Modern dental advancements have made it possible for dentists all across the world to design dentures that look and function at a much higher level than the preceding models. Our dentures in Royal Palm Beach are no different. Dr. Bussell takes great care when he meets with dental patients to make sure they have a clear understanding of their options for dentures and what their expectations for tooth replacement are. 

Even though dentures have improved dramatically in both fit and appearance over the years, they are still one of the most reliable ways to restore the function and appearance of your teeth. 

At Affordable Dental Center of Wellington, we design partial dentures, complete dentures, and implant dentures to help patients regain their smiles. The type of denture you need will depend on several factors, including the strength of your jawbone and the number of teeth remaining in your mouth. 

Partial Dentures to Complete Your Smile in Royal Palm Beach, FL

If you still have some remaining natural teeth, a partial denture will be the best option to complete your smile. Partial dentures attach to your teeth with small wire clips and fill in the gaps left behind by your missing teeth. Our Royal Palm Beach dental team carefully chooses artificial teeth to match the color and size of your existing teeth so that your smile looks uniform. 

Modern-day dentures have several cosmetic features that help make the devices more attractive. You will usually have the option of choosing from several different types of partial dentures:

  • Partial dentures with a metal base: These models are known to be strong and durable
  • Pink resin base: This type of denture is natural-looking and lightweight
  • Flexible partials: Lightweight and attractive dentures that eliminate metal clasps

Dr. Bussell will be happy to discuss the benefits and limitations of each denture style option. Once you have chosen a style and received your denture, Dr. Bussell recommends that you bring your partial denture to your dental exams so we can make sure it still fits properly and is free of damage.

Complete (Full) Denture Options in 33411

When you think of complete dentures, erase the image of your grandparents’ big, boxy dentures from your mind. Complete dentures today prioritize both function and esthetics. 

Just as their name implies, full dentures replace all of the teeth on the jaw’s upper or lower arch. We want you to be happy with your smile when you choose full dentures, which is why we will discuss details such as color options. We will also choose teeth that look natural for your age, gender, and facial features.

Fitting dentures is an art and requires precise planning. Dr. Bussell will design dentures that are snug yet comfortable to wear all day. When you have complete dentures, it is especially important that the dentures are secure and will support your bite and speech throughout your daily routine. 

It can be challenging to learn to live without your natural teeth, which is why we spend extra time with our patients teaching them about complete dentures in Royal Palm Beach. Adjusting to a mouth of artificial teeth does take time and practice, but once you learn how to use your complete dentures, you will be able to resume your normal activities and lifestyle habits.

Questions about our full dentures in Royal Palm Beach? Give us a call any time at (561) 581-0225. 

Never Be Without Teeth

If you’re facing the reality of dental extractions, you may have concerns about going without teeth during the healing process. 

Dr. Bussell eliminates this worry by offering immediate dentures at the same appointment as your extractions. This means that you never have to be without teeth. We will design them ahead of time in just a few appointments and have your dentures available for you right away. Regular maintenance appointments allow Dr. Bussell to adjust the fit of these dentures as you heal.

If you opt for dental implant treatment, we can also place dental implants during your extraction appointment, reducing the number of appointments necessary to complete your smile.

Our goal at Affordable Dental Care of Wellington is to get your smile back on track as quickly as possible. We want you to feel happy and confident in your smile whenever you leave our dental office. If you have questions or worries about your dentures in Royal Palm Beach, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Implant Dentures for Added Confidence in the West Palm Beach Area

One of the latest developments within the world of dentures is implant-supported dentures. These specialty oral appliances combine the benefits of dental implants with the affordability of dentures, and they are gaining in popularity among food lovers, professionals, and socially active patients alike. Implant dentures are the best of both worlds!

Illustration of implant supported denturesBenefits of implant dentures include:

  • Bone retention 
  • A secure fit
  • The ability to enjoy a wider variety of foods

Dr. Bussell can place dental implants on either arch of the jaw, although the lower arch is more common because lower denture fit typically poses a bigger challenge.

Implants make it possible for to dentures lock-in with either a hidden ball or bar attachment. You can still remove them for cleaning and maintenance; otherwise, they will remain firmly in place. If you have been worried about your dentures moving around or feel stressed at the thought of dentures that do not stay firmly in place, implant dentures may be the answer you have been searching for. 

Are You Ready To Feel Confident About Your Smile?

Getting started with dentures is as easy as setting up a consultation with Dr. Bussell at our Royal Palm Beach dental office. We know that making decisions about dentistry is an important part of your overall health. Our knowledgeable and experienced team loves helping patients enjoy a smile they feel confident about.

Are you ready to discover a smile you love? Call us today at (561) 581-0225!