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What to Know About Tooth-Colored Fillings

March 31, 2020
Posted By: Steven J. Bussell
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At Affordable Dental Center of Wellington, we keep your smile healthy and happy by providing preventive dentistry services like dental cleanings and exams.

Still, even if you brush and floss diligently, you can still get a cavity, and most of us will need to fill our teeth out at least once in our lives.

Dr. Steven Bussell provides tooth-colored fillings in the 334111 area for patients who have a cavity, a broken or chipped tooth, or need to replace an old filling.

What Is a Tooth-Colored Filling?

Tooth-colored fillings allow you to repair a damaged tooth to be functional again. When you get your filling, Dr. Bussell removes the decay first, cleans the impacted area, then fills the cavity with a tooth-colored filling. 

Your tooth-colored filling confines open spaces where bacteria can enter, preventing further decay. Fillings can be made from porcelain, gold, composite resin, and amalgam. 

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

When you have tooth decay, Dr. Bussell needs to treat it immediately to stop it from spreading. Many of our  Royal Palm Beach patients prefer the natural look of tooth-colored fillings. 

  • Natural-Looking Appearance–The composite resin used in the tooth-colored fillings mimic the translucency of your teeth, which is why many patients prefer them over amalgam or other materials. Dr. Bussell can match the shade of the filling to your tooth so it can blend in. After the filling has hardened, it will look identical to your other teeth. 
  • Preserves and Protects Your Tooth Structure—Dental restorations like dental crowns and fillings help us preserve as much of your natural tooth as we can. When you have a cavity, your dentist in the 33411 area will remove any decay before using a tooth-colored filling to prevent any food debris from entering and reintroducing decay. The final step involves a hardening UV light. 
  •  Dental Bonding—Since we can match the tooth-colored material to blend in beautifully with your tooth, many cosmetic dentists use it to repair chips, cracks, breaks, and more. We can also reshape, resize, and cover severe stains with dental bonding. This is a popular and cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers. 

Are You Interested in Tooth-Colored Fillings in Royal Palm Beach?

If you are concerned you may have a cavity or are interested in using tooth-colored filling to design your smile, call Affordable Dental Center of Wellington today so we can schedule an appointment with Dr. Bussell. 

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